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Wardrobe Scavenger Hunt!

August 7, 2010

I found a fun scavenger hunt contest on Loving the Reflection.

The items you need to find to enter this challenge are:
Oh and don’t worry about finding everything.  Each item counts as one entry towards a really cool etsy shop gift certificate.

1. An item of clothing/jewelry that has a sea creature on it/in it
2. A necklace that reaches your bellybutton
3. An item of clothing with more than 13 buttons
4. Novelty socks (including toe socks)
5. 20 (or more) tubes of lipstick (not gloss!)
6. An item of clothing/jewelry that you’ve had since high school (I’ll take your word on it)
7. Footie pajamas!
8. Something with fringe
9. An all white or all black dress
10. An item of clothing/jewelry/shoes/etc. with writing in a language other than English on it

BONUS ITEM (worth 2 entries):  A color wheel of shoes!

I found everything except #7.  I haven’t owned footie pajamas since I was like 5. 😀

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Which of these things do you have?  What’s the item you still have that you’ve had the longest?



Simplicity and Style

October 19, 2009

Give your style a focus!

Sometimes being stylish can be overwhelming.  Here’s a virtually fool-proof  way to ramp up the style with a few bold pieces!

You have regular, plain-old pieces like your favorite jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt.  Dress these regular weekend-morning pieces up for a evening get-together with a few statement pieces, a piece of bold jewelery, and a beautiful fresh face!

Everyday Hero

This is exactly what Misun Kim is doing in this picture.

MisunMisun is using her everyday jeans and grey tee with some really stylish pieces and fun jewelery to create a fun and fashionable evening outfit.

Misun’s biggest statement in this outfit is her jacket.  The wool texture, faux fur trim and military-inspired buttons are very season-appropriate and totally chic!  Plus, the styling and seaming of the jacket emphasize Misun’s beautiful figure!

Her sky-high peep toe heels pick up the color of the jacket and add a very cool snakeskin texture.

Misun is also using some lovely fashion jewelery, with a bold and funky silver necklace, and sweet earrings.  These touches add a lovely sheen and sparkle to the look!

Misun has opted for a classy fresh-faced makeup look.  She’s using bronzes and pinks to complement her beautiful skin and cheekbones.  Her pulled-back back hair is no-fuss, and her dramatic bangs bring even more attention to her lovely bone structure.

Misun Kim is the ultimate Everyday Fashion Hero.  She always looks great, regardless of where she’s going.  Why?  Because she understands that to build a fashionable outfit, every piece need not be the focus.  She chooses one focus and then frames that piece with well-fitting basics.  Understand this fact, and fashionable clothing will be a breeze!

Have fun with your style!  You deserve to look like a superstar!


Outerwear: the Trench

October 12, 2009

my trenchAs the seasons change and the temperature gets lower, we put on more clothing to protect us from the elements.  Outerwear can take many shapes and styles and can be created with many fabrics.  One of  my favorite looks is the trench coat.  It keeps you warm and dry and is ideal for spring and fall, especially on overcast or rainy days.

A major plus with the trench coat is that it is super flexible!  Wear it closed for a chic, cinched look, or wear it open or closed only by the tie, perhaps with the sleeves rolled up over a fabulous skirt and heels and a lovely top for a more flow-y, open look.  Another example of the trench coat’s versatility is that it comes in so many cool fabrics and colors!  I love them in zebra print, red, black, and the classic tan.  Trenches can also have some really awesome feminine touches to prevent that too-buttoned-up look, for example, my trench has a really sweet pleating detail in the back.

Things to look for in a trench coat: pleasing fabric  (mine has sheen, matte is great too), great color or print, cool details: nice hardwear, flirty details like my pleating.

Every Day Hero: Michal Mael

Michal MaelMichal loves clothing that shows her figure.  She has a beautiful figure, so more power to her!  This beautiful trench in black is a wonderful choice for her.  The belt accentuates her waist.  The shorter length allows her to show her lovely trousers.  The wide lapels bring (more) attention to her beautiful face.

Michal is also wearing some sky-high heels, which are truly awesome!  I love to see a woman really embrace some height!  Let me tell you, Michal is not a short woman, and with these heels, she rules the world!

The lovely yellow blouse that’s peaking from the jacket is a really beautiful color on her, and is played up by the striking comment-piece of the necklace.  This jewelery is particularly wonderful because it picks up the color of the shirt, fills the space of the deep neck line, and brings some sparkle to a somewhat basic outfit.

It should also be noted that Michal accessorized her outfit with a black bag that had a ton of really beautiful sheen.  Awesome!

All in all, Michal looks really beautiful in this outfit!  She did a great job looking pulled-together, sophisticated and chic!

In order to find out more about Michal and her business:
Visit her bio on RockOurWorld
and her GalleryDirect website.

Wear the trench, love it, rock it like a superstar, because that’s what you are!  Stay Beautiful!


The perfect bra size

September 16, 2009


I’ve decided to make the first real entry on my fashion blog be about underclothes, because without a great foundation, clothes cannot look their best.  It’s ridiculously common that women are not in the correct bra size.  The concept of a bra size in the first place is misleading, as different brands and styles run so different.  ALWAYS try on your bras before you buy them and NEVER allow an ill-fitting bra to discourage you.  It’s not your breasts that are the challenge, it’s the bra!  Switch stores, switch styles, switch sizes!  The number and letter don’t mean anything; it’s the fit that counts!

Getting the perfect fit on a bra is tough, I know.  The first step is to know what a perfect fit looks like.  You might be surprised to know that some sources you might take as authorities have it wrong.  Take for example, Victoria’s Secret (VS).  I have stopped shopping for bras within the brand because I find the sizing to be incongruous with reality.  Larger-chested women simply do not fit easily into VS bras.  It is, however, a wonderful place for those with more petite and average-sized breasts to shop.  Up to a C cup can be comfortably fitted, either into a VS C or a VS D.

I find, that whenever I look on the website or in their catalog, I see a model in a bra that is ridiculously ill-fitting.  This strikes me most commonly with the beautiful Adriana Lima.  She is often shown in bras that have cups that are too small for her and band sizes that are too big.  They show her with one cup size too small, probably because more breast shows and it’s sexy looking.  The challenge there is that some may start to believe that that’s what a bra is supposed to fit like.  It’s not.  A bra fitting like that will not hold you in for very long at all!  I personally fall right out of a bra if it’s covering that little of my breast every time I bend over, lean, or move at all, really. Also, when you’re wearing a cup size too small, even when your breast is mostly contained, it may spill out the sides or the top of the cup, creating the dreaded double- or quad-boob look.

The more interesting thing is that they more often picture her with a bra that is too big on the band size, the part that goes around your chest.  I have no idea what the motivation is for putting her in bras that are too big in this way. In real life, a bra that fits like this will constantly ride up your back and create a situation in which all of the support of the bra is coming from the straps.  In a well-fit bra, the majority of the support comes from the nice, wide band.  When you have too much pressure on the shoulder straps, you end up with pain in your back, neck and shoulders, you may have a higher propensity to slouch, and just not very perky, happy breasts.

adriana lima bras

A cup should fit you so that your breast feels secure in the bra.  If the cup is cutting your breast off, or not flowing with the curve of your breast, the size is not right.  If there is extra room or gapping in the cup, it’s too big.  Look at the bottom two pictures of Adriana.  These are examples of the scary situation in which your nipple is about to pop out of your bra.  This is to be avoided.

The band should fit you STRAIGHT across the your back.  It should be parallel to the ground.  It should never be higher up in the back than it is in the front.  Look at yourself in the mirror from the side to check.  The band should not pinch your skin.  If you are experiencing skin sort of spilling out of the edges of your band, you should look for a wider band first.  If that doesn’t solve the problem, look for a size up. Also, ALWAYS buy your bras so that you wear the band on the loosest hooks.  That way, when the band stretches, you just need to tighten it, and you don’t need to buy new bras every month.

Remember: if the bra doesn’t fit right, that’s because of the bra, not because of you!  It takes time to find the proper size and the proper brand.  Brands DO NOT size the same way.  Even within a brand, styles are not sized the same way.  For example, f you’re normally a C you may be a D in a push-up style.  The point is, try on lots of bras, don’t allow an ill-fitting bra to hurt or frustrate you, and have fun with it!  Bras are for YOU.  Buy some sexy things, some things that make you feel like you own the world.  Trust me, a bra that fits is the best for that!

Every Day Heros


I recently went out bra shopping with two of my best friends, Emily and Gabby.  Emily has large breasts and a small rib cage.  Gabby has a medium, athletic build.  When we started, Emily told me that she was having trouble being able to just go out and buy bras in stores.  Because of her small rib cage and large breasts, there is not a ton of inventory in most stores in her size.  For example, Victoria’s Secret really doesn’t carry anything close to her size (or mine, really).  So, we went to Frederick’s of Hollywood, where I had bought a bra years ago that fit me then and still fits me now (a true testimate to a well-made bra, especially since it is front-clasp and thus the band is not adjustable).  We got her several bras there that fit her beautifully, and really suited her.  She looked great!!  When you find the right store, it’s liberating.  I find that trying on bras is essential to finding the right one for you.  We did an awesome job going there and getting that super sexy style of bra for her, because it turned out really awesome!

Next, we went to Victoria’s Secret for Gabby.  She likes VS because they make lots of pretty and sexy bras in her size.  Frederick’s was not an appropriate store for her, so we went to one that was more geared to fitting her shape!  We found some lovely bras to try on, and got down to business.  When she showed us the first bra, I knew we needed to change the band size.  The band was riding up her back like crazy!  Luckily, we found the right size, made the adjustment in her mind that she’s actually smaller around the ribcage than she thought, and made some really beautiful purchases.  A bra that fits you well is the sexiest bra you can wear!

Way to go to both of these women for having the guts to treat themselves and their bodies right.  Once you have a well-fitting bra, you look and feel like a superstar.  You guys are super stars.  Live like it!!  Stay Beautiful!


Welcome to my Fashion Blog!

August 29, 2009

Welcome; thank you for visiting my fashion blog!  On this page I will be discussing tips and trends, lots of ‘do’s and posting some pictures of everyday fashion allstars I see out and about!  I have a great love of fashion and I believe that every single person has the ability to look fresh, attractive, and up to date!  I know how to help.  My fashion inspiration and influence has come in large part from icons such as Stacey London and Clinton Kelly, and Tim Gunn, as well as every day people in my life, such as my cousin Elizabeth and my good friend Gabby.  Thank you all for teaching me and inspiring me about how to mix trendy items with classic items to create a unique, functional and beautiful wardrobe!  Now, I can pass my tips, tricks and observations on to you!  I can’t wait!